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Course unit

Interoperability of data and semantics

Last updated: 23/09/2021


Course Director(s):


General Description:

This lecture aims at understanding the data interoperability issues that arise from the integration of existing application, or the evolution of systems. 

The students will understand and use the main data formats. They will learn to use query languages and schema definition languages. They will be given pointers to use these data formats in Java applications.

They will understand the importance of standardized vocabularies, and the importance of relaxing data schemas to enable the injection of additional information in documents.

Key words:

data format semantic interoperability

Number of teaching hours


Fields of study

Computer Science, Information Systems

Teaching language

French English

Intended learning outcomes

On completion of the unit, the student will be capable of: Classification level Priority
Know the main data formats 1. Knowledge Essential
Understand and use the different datatypes 3. Apply Important
Know how to use the data query languages for the main data formats 3. Apply Important
Know how to use the data schema description language 3. Apply Important
Understand the importance of using standardized vocabularies 5. Summarise Useful

Learning assessment methods

Percentage ratio of individual assessment Percentage ratio of group assessment
Written exam: 50 % Project submission: %
Individual oral exam: % Group presentation: %
Individual presentation: % Group practical exercise: %
Individual practical exercise: % Group report: %
Individual report: 50 %
Other(s): %

Programme and content

Type of teaching activity Content, sequencing and organisation
lectures and practical sessions
  • Data formats: XML, JSON, CSV, YAML, CBOR, EXI, EXPRESS, ...
  • Datatypes
  • Query languages (Xpath/Jsonpath)
  • Schema definition languages (XML Schema, JSON Schema)
  • Namespaces and vocabularies
  • Standardized vocabularies and semantics